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Roar, 1981, is referred to as the most dangerous Hollywood movie of all time. Filming took five years and the entire process cost $17 million and 11 years of production, making only two million upon release. Noel Marshall directs and stars in the film alongside his family members, wife Tippi Hedren and his three children. There were an estimated 100 animal attacks on cast and crew, severe flooding, and Noel and Tippi’s relationship ended in divorce. In the film Tippi’s skull is punctured by a lion resulting in 38 stitches (last shot in narrative,) she suffered fractured ankles from elephants and was left with gangrene along with other minor scars.


The narrative of the photos and short clip are imagined behind the scenes shots during the film’s five years of shooting. The trailer was Tippi Hedren’s during production and the shots gradually move from the beginning excitement of starting a new project to Tippi getting mauled in her own trailer by the animals she was working with for five years.


1/2" Scale Model, Vectorworks Drafting, and VHS video montage 

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