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Iphigenia ~*on ice*~

A modern adaptation of the Greek Tragedy, placed in Barclay's ice rink arena with a humorous twist. Concept design packet includes digital rendering, hand drafting, CAD, 1/4" scale model, costume and lighting design.


Nov. 2020

There is a girl and a boy. They are young and in love with their own naiveté. They prance through crumbling black and white cities, ending up in a beige, naked world of illusion. But for a moment that feels like it has been paused, they exist within a greenhouse. The center of the Garden of Eden. The neverending now of a first love, a first loneliness, a first look at civilization, a first heartbreak. Memory that feels more real than memory is encapsulated within the glass box. As the two sit in the center, interrupting time. 

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